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Oct 5, 2005
Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo releases a new story collection -- "Sky Blue After The Rain: Selected Stories and Tales"

Want to join the 45th UP National Writers' Workshop? Here are the guidelines.

Deadline for applications: Dec 15, 2005.

Sep 13, 2005
Absurd Republic is the blog of poet, web designer and storyteller Norman Wilwayco. To view his multimedia wizardry, try

Sep 2, 2005
Congratulations to the Winners of the 55th Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature writing contest.

Aug 10, 2005
Dean Alfar and Nikki Alfar each won a Palanca Award. Congratulations, Mr & Mrs Alfar! (Dean Francis Alfar also won a Palanca Award in 2004 for Hollow Girl: A Romance in the Futuristic Fiction category. Here's a list of Carlos Palanca Winners - Year 2004)

Mar 28, 2005
Luis Teodoro (Philippine Journalism Review editor) and his blog.

Feb 22, 2005
Cirilo F. Bautista is being nominated as National Artist for Literature of 2005.

Jan 25, 2005
Carlos Palanca Year 2005 Contest Rules (Deadline: April 30, 2005)

Vince Groyon directs this year's
Iligan National Writers Workshop.

Nov 6, 2004
UP Writers Workshop v.44 (Deadline: Dec 12, 2004)

Nov 4, 2004
Check out Gelo Ancheta's blog:

Oct 13, 2004 - Someone's asking about Alfred Yuson's bio and email.
The Dumaguete Connection lists his two email addresses at the bottom of the page, although I'm not sure if those are still valid since the page is dated October 2001.

For those requesting copies of this or that poem or short story via email, I'm sorry but I can't send those to you because I either don't have a copy in the first place, or there are copyright restrictions.

July 28, 2004 - Free Artspeak Forum at the Astor Hotel Topic's about "Writing on Art Today: A Vanishing or Teeming Activity?", Friday, 30 July 2004, 4:00pm

May 12, 2004 - Here's a preview of the first four chapters of Summer's End by Viveca Singson. It's a fantasy short story for young adults, although the prologue might be a bit graphic for teens. If you like supernatural stories that involve the Cordilleras of the Philippines, check out Summer's End today. Please give feedback, ok? :-) [Format: zipped PDF file, 94Kb]

Apr 26, 2004 - Dean Francis Alfar, Nikki Go-Alfar

Mar 30, 2004 - DIONATEXT: Araw ng Parangal at Paglulunsad ng Libro - Free books, mugs, t-shirt and stickers!

Mar 3, 2004 - Read the blog of Zarina Natividad Docken -- "The first time I seriously considered being a writer was in college. Sure, I attempted to write a YA novel when I was ten simply because I liked Nancy Drew, and admittedly I used writing (and art) competitions in high school as excuses to miss classes, but college was when I became serious. Well, at least for four years, before my paying job took over my life." [ continue reading The friends we meet ]

Feb 27, 2004 - Invitation to read LITERATURA (Issue Four)

Jan 28, 2004 - DionaText: Cellphone Text Poetry writing Contest -- "The diona is a short poem composed of three versified rhyming lines. Each line consists only of seven syllables expressing a complete thought. DIONATEXT entries must be written in Filipino and must express love within the family."

Jan 26, 2004 - Short Story: Eavesdropping (by Katrina Ramos Atienza)

Jan 6, 2004 - Carlos Palanca 2004 Rules and Forms. Hurry! Deadline for submission is April 30, 2004.

Aug 5, 2003 - Join the Dalit via Text Contest (Text Tanaga enthusiasts, meet Dalitxt!)

July 29, 2003 - Noelle Q. De Jesus is a fictionist who won a Palanca for the short story in 1995 (2nd Prize, "Blood"). A number of her short stories have been published here and abroad. She is also the editor of an anthology of fiction, Fast Food Fiction, forthcoming from Anvil this September 2003.

Letter of Noelle Q. De Jesus to Butch Dalisay, in response to his July 2003 column piece on "Writing for America."

June 4, 2003 - Three Rats (by Wilfrido M. Guerrero, 1948)

Mar 18, 2003 - Carlos Palanca 2003 Rules and Forms. Hurry! Deadline for submission is April 30, 2003.

Mar 17, 2003 - Awarding of winners of the Textanaga contest (1pm, Vargas Museum, UP Diliman). Present were contest Chairperson Prof. Virgilio S. Almario, Prof. Vim Nadera, and Prof. Jun Baquiran. Rene Villanueva was also there.

Textanaga: The Dawning of the Age of Literary Technology by Vim Nadera (Sanghaya) -- "Textanaga, the first banner project of the Committee on Literary Arts of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, has received entries from all over the country that confirm the Filipinos' creativity and familiarity with the verse."

Ang Uod sa Pagtulang Filipino ni Virgilio S. Almario (Sanghaya) -- "Ibig kong muling ungkatin dito ang matagal ko nang panukala hinggil sa Bagong Pormalismong Filipino. Na higit na yumayaman ang ating pag-unawa at pagpapahalaga sa mga akdang sinusulat ngayon kapag may sapat tayong kaalaman sa katutubong tradisyon at sariling kasaysayan ng panitikan sa Filipinas."

Oct 28, 2002 - Hello to Ian Casocot of A Critical Survey of Philippine Literature. For those also wondering why this site hasn't been updated lately...

...most of the emailed requests involve the posting of this or that short story. Sorry, I may not post them online because of copyright issues.

May 16, 2002 - Long time no see. Most of the emails that came in complained about the dead Geocities links for Filipino writers in various time periods. It's a good thing there's The Wayback Machine. But don't worry, here are the links you need:

Some of the pages are empty. I guess the one who put up the site got too busy... Oh well.

Jan 28, 2002 - Stumbled upon Ian Casocot's Literature 21: A Critical Survey of Philippine Literature (Dept of English and Literature, Siliman University, Dumaguete City)

Here are some archived poems at -- it's something I chanced upon while searching the web for Jing Hidalgo, while trying to help out some frustrated surfer. Afterall, it seems that the web is quite thin (no pun intended) when it comes to Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo.

Oct 31, 2001 - Check out Cecilia Manguerra Brainard's sites at and at the Philippine American Literary House, particularly the photo album showing pics of Carlos Bulosan, Jose Garcia Villa, Bienvenido Santos, N.V.M. Gonzalez, F. Sionil Jose and many others...

Oct. 11, 2001 - talks the legendary S.V. and Nieves Epistola, and even teases you about the real name of Ninotchka Rosca, author of Twice Blessed.

July 17, 2001 - For a while there, I thought no one's interested in Philippine Literature online anymore. But then I got an email recently asking about the History of Philippine Literature.

So I dug up my old records and found the now-closed Literatura site at Geocities. I don't think it's going to be updated, but you might find these thankfully still live links useful (features Filipino Writers arranged according to time period):

Here's an added bonus:
The Ateneo Library of Women's Writings
Their webserver seems faster now. They feature Filipina Writers (in English and Filipino). You'll find some photos, but you'll probably need to go to the lib to see the actual collections. Sigh.

Oh, I sometimes have difficulty reaching this site, so I'll make a more extensive Pinoylit site over at in the future. Abangan!

June 4, 2001 - Got stuck in the twilight zone. But anyway... Here's what happens when you add a fourth of Pinoy-ness to words and cartoons: Lynda Barry.

April 23, 2001 - Will be in Hongkong from April 30 to May 5. In case I can't get to a computer to update this site, here's an advance tip for you: May 6 is the launch date of Philippine Myths of the Middleworld, an online exhibit about earthquakes, volcanoes, and the like. While it's not yet May 6, read the Geocentricity Primer...

April 20, 2001 - Funny how the web can take you places. Take Fatima Lasay, for example. Her site eventually lead me to an introduction to the mythology of the Gimokud (The Melting Soul). Uh, the intro is found towards the bottom of the page. Please also visit the Reading Room of Ms. Lasay. Unbelievable.

April 17, 2001 - Back from vacation. Still deciding the future direction of this site.... Anyway, please remember that the deadline for the Palanca contest is April 30!

March 7, 2001 - Here's the homepage of Filipino comic book illustrator Arnold Arre. He's the guy who created The Mythology Class. Check his site out today!

February 26, 2001 - Some people will be very happy in Baguio, because UP awards 18 creative writing fellowships (38th UP National Writers' Workshop). As Prof. J. Wendell Capili would say -- never stop trying. If you missed this workshop, you can still go for the October workshop (Visayas/Mindanao participants only).

February 9, 2001 - Get ready for the next Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature! The rules haven't been officially released, but they will most likely be the same except for a couple of changes: (1) ex-Filipino citizens can now join, and (2) you'll probably need to submit a diskette containing your entry in electronic form. Let's keep our fingers crossed... this means that you'll most likely be able to read winning Palanca stories online soon! Stay tuned!

February 6, 2001 - Dr. Landicho will launch a poetry book on Feb 22.

January 2, 2001 - Happy New Year everyone! Been quite busy offline... Okay, okay, the Impeachment Trial is the temporary rage at the moment. Anyway, here's Chapter 28 of Noli Me Tangere. Will post something more substantial soon....

December 5, 2000 - Congratulations to Menchu Aquino Sarmiento for unanimously bagging the P50,000 grand prize of the first NVM Gonzalez Literary Award for best short story in English (1999-2000).

Ms. Sarmiento wrote Good Intentions 101: SY '72 - '73 which is about Martial Law from the point of view of an innocent colegiala.

October 23, 2000 - Sorry about the past few days... There were some internet problems which explains why this site was down for quite a while. Anyway, welcome back!

I read something about Virginia Lichauco de Leon, a wonderfully interesting Filipina poet. Ginny, as she is known by her friends, passed away last September 28, yet left her seven daughters a legacy of wit, humor, poetry, and selfless generosity. (Too bad Eric Catipon's article, Remembering Virginia Lichauco de Leon, does not seem to appear in the online version of the Philippine Star.)

You can visit Ginny's web site at:

...and in case you're wondering what the Third Book is, I'm guessing it's called Touch Me With Your Eyes and other poems. The first two are Untitled Poems (1971) and Soul of My House (1984).

Sept. 19, 2000 - My wife and I attended the book launch of The Best Philippine Short Stories of the 20th Century. Got to meet great writers such as Nick Joaquin, Greg Brillantes, Charlson Ong, Alejandro Roces (such a funny guy), and Lakambini Sitoy (eat your hearts out, guys!).

My wife calls herself "author-struck" and reveals a little bit about the 14 authors we met that evening in an online article called Immortal [click here]

Sept. 12, 2000 - You can buy give someone the perfect gift, like a Powerbooks Gift Certificate, for example. Finally, Philippine Gift Certificates can be bought online.

Visit now.

I'll be at SM Megamall tomorrow, Sept 13 (book launch - Isagani Cruz, Lakambini Sitoy, Butch Dalisay, among others). There's a Powerbooks store there, so if you'd like to send me a Powerbooks gift certificate.... :-)

Sept. 3, 2000 - Here's the list of winners of the Carlos Palanca Literature Awards for the Year 2000.

Book Launch: "The Best Filipino Short Stories of the 20th Century" (published by Tahanan Books and edited by Isagani Cruz). Please visit the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall A and B (5th Level) on Wednesday, September 13, at 6:30PM

Sept. 1, 2000 - Lakambini Sitoy's homepage moved to The winners of the Palanca Awards received a telegram informing them about the good news and about the dinner tonight. I guess the list of winners will be formally released to the public tomorrow.

Aug. 31, 2000 - Edith Tiempo (First Woman National Artist for Literature) is coming to Ateneo (Escaler Hall, Science Education Complex aka "Mexican Villa") to deliver her first national artist lecture on Monday, Sept 4, at 5:00pm.

Lots of people are expected so please be there early. And oh, bring your books and have them autographed.

Aug. 21, 2000 - The winners of the Palanca Awards (Year 2000) will be revealed on September 1. Good luck, everyone!

July 23, 2000 Want to improve your Filipino poetry writing skills? You have until July 29 to apply for the LIRA Poetry Workshop in August. The Linangan sa Imahen, Retorika at Anyo (LIRA) is a group of young poets writing in Filipino. Their workshops allow you listen to and interact with our country's notable poets in Filipino.

July 18, 2000 Oops! I've been linking to Lakambini Sitoy's bio page all along. Her homepage is and has versions for the text-only surfers as well as those interested in the digital artistry of NightMonkey.

Ever wonder how some people can write so well? The oft-heard advice is: Read, Read, Read! So I asked my creative writing workshop facilitator, Prof. Wendell Capili, exactly what do we read? Sir Wendell is the type who believes Filipino writers need a strong sense of Philippine literature. So here's a reading list used by undergrad Creative Writing majors at the University of the Philippines.

June 30, 2000 - Here are some excerpts from Lakambini Sitoy's Touch (1st Place, Short Story Category, English Division, 1998 Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards). Her words push reality straight into your face and up your nose, you'll forget that it's just a story. Then again, nothing Bing Sitoy writes is ever just a story.

June 29, 2000 - Found the homepage of Lakambini Sitoy (aka "Bing"), biology major who turned to creative writing, author of Mens Rea and Other Stories. Her stories tend to end... and yet not end. Oh, if you have difficulty reading the text on her javascript-required site, highlight it with your mouse and you'll be able read it easily.

June 12, 2000 - Here are books on Philippine literature available at Amazon. Thank you for supporting this site.

June 8, 2000 - While attending a Creative Writing Workshop, I met Jason Cabañes and Karlo Diaz. Jason is an Atenean who writes great short-short stories, while Karlo is a La Sallite (did I spell that right?) who, in the words of our Workshop Teacher (J. Wendell Capili), writes like a male Jessica Zafra.

Bino Realuyo: The Umbrella Country May 27, 2000 - Bino Realuyo, author of The Umbrella Country, will be at the Balay Kalinaw (UP Diliman, Quezon City) at 4PM on Friday, June 2. His book tells of life in Martial Law Manila (1970s). Found out about this from J. Wendell Capili, our Creative Writing Workshop teacher/facilitator. If you want to know about future events related to Philippine lit, try calling Gloria at (632) 922-1830.

May 16, 2000 - Finally found the homepage of Gary Granada. You don't know that Pinoy musician, composer and lyricist? Now you don't have an excuse.

May 9, 2000 - Back from Australia and still feeling sleepy. Anyway, I pleasantly stumbled onto The Ice Cave: Ice Angel's Realm, a poetry site by Ruby Olalo. Check out The Muted Voice link. Oh, you might need to squint a bit, but it's worth it.

April 20, 2000 - Looking for ancient Philippine scripts or alibata? Check out AlibataAtPandesal by Terio Echavez. If you missed the link to Tagalog, Ilocano and Bisaya alibata, click here.

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Short stories
Imperfect Farewell
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Myths, Legends, Folktales and Folklore

April 17, 2000 - Today's the day Ruby Bayan published her wonderful Hey! Hahyaduin?! over at ThemeStream (Aspiring writers, publish your work at Themestream and earn!)

March 27, 2000 - Signed up for some Likhaan Writing Workshops so that my corporate summer will be less mind-numbing. Met the very pleasant Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo. Oh, classes start on May 6.

March 13, 2000 - Christine Castro. Blogger. Filipina. She's in Austin, right now, along with other bloggers. It's funny how I found her. Went over to, looked at this picture, spotted that face on the far right, rushed back to and found the link to Christina's Maganda.Org

She couldn't have chosen a better name for her site. You'll surely agree, especially after you read about Christine's lola...

"i love my grandma. she's pretty."

March 6, 2000 - Finally got to meet Bino Realuyo's Poetry online.

February 07, 2000 - Looking for Application Forms/Rules for the Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature? I spoke with Mr. Angel Battung this morning and he said that the CP Foundation does NOT allow the publication of the rules and forms on the web, because "we have problems with the internet."

For our friends living outside Metro Manila, Mr. Battung suggests that you go to the Universities because there are forms available there. Alternatively, the Foundation can mail you the forms, "if there is still know how our postal system is," added Mr. Battung.

If you find yourselves in Metro Manila, you can visit the Carlos Palanca Foundation, Inc at the:

Ground Floor, CPJ Building
105 C. Palanca Jr. Street
Legaspi Village, Makati City 1200

Perhaps Mr. Angel Battung can be convinced to allow Application Forms and the Rules to be accessible via the web. Why don't you give him a call at (632) 818-3681 to 85 locals 31 and 24. Telefax is (632) 817-4045.

I ended my phone conversation by asking why he wouldn't allow the publication of the Forms and the Rules online even if the Forms/Rules are FREE and even if it will cost the Foundation ZERO PESOS to have these published. He mentioned copyright issues belonging to authors, but when I clarified that we are talking about FORMS not literary works, he just patiently repeated "we have problems with the internet."

Go figure.

February 04, 2000 - Re-opened the book "Twisted II: Spawn of Twisted" and slowly remembered why I enjoyed reading Jessica Zafra in the mid-90s. Yes, I'm talking about Sermon in Mud where she, in just two tiny book pages, succinctly drives home a point one November 1st in 1995.

Consider the tranquil dead as you gather up the contents of your picnic basket and trudge to your parked car. The dead lie in their graves, but we live in our own hell.

I wince each time I read that piece and look at the advertising banners appearing on this site. Sure, I rationalize, it's just a way to recover the cost of maintaining this web site, but Jessica's voice flows and hisses, Oh, really?

I know this'll earn me more slash marks but.... I miss the old Jessica. I pine for the articles that used to find me scavenging through newspapers. Her books still bear the teeny penciled checks neatly lined beside pieces that moved me.

Forgive me for sounding mushy. Hey, it's February.

January 17, 2000 - Hmmmm. Slash marks on my tires? Probably the work of my friends who adore Jessica Zafra.'s the long-awaited link: (Twisted is the title of one of her popular books) Be prepared for quite a wait, though, since her site sometimes goes down.

Fortunately, a JZ fan has a GeoCities site that talks more about Jessica Zafra. Uh, you'll need to squint somewhat.

PinoyLit will put up a page on JZ next month; yep, the month of hearts. Don't worry, the text will be easier to read. Btw, saw JZ at National Bookstore Shangrila last Sunday. She was looking unusually mellow. Millennial hangover, perhaps. But fear not, JZ fans: With Y2K hurdled, it's back to world domination. Ahem.

January 13, 2000 - Marisa de los Santos, Filipina poet, married to someone she says is like bread, whiskey, gulf stream, Nile. Read Marisa's I Would Use My Hands and discover that...

It's good to be this way,
alone and thinking, "Vivid, vivid!" I
would use my hands to gather up and knot
the corners of this morning.

January 12, 2000 - Upon request, added Noli Chap 45 (Examination of Conscience)

January 5, 2000 - What draws Milan Jose to an exhibit of 15th- to 19th-century maps, paintings and books on the Philippines? Find out in Legmanila's European Maps and Prints and take a vicarious visit to "Manila and its Environs".

January 4, 2000 - Added Noli Chapter 8

December 29, 1999

Alejandro Roces writes about The Tadtarin, which was featured in Nick Joaquin's Summer Solstice.

...the Tadtarin was a three-night celebration that culminated on the Feast of St. John the Baptist. A young girl led the procession on the first night, was replaced by a mature woman on the second, and a very old woman on the third; all carried a wand in one hand and a sheaf of seedlings in the other. On the last night, the image of the Baptist became part of the procession and the old woman ritually died and was resuscitated.

December 27, 1999

The Carlos Palanca Awards celebrates its 50th anniversary in the Year 2000, and introduces a new category: Future Fiction. In this literary genre, writers "visualize what Filipinos and the Philippines will be like 10, 20 or even 50 years from now or beyond." "Build an entire world, a new microcosm, a virtual reality where the dynamics of characters, setting, prevailing mores and social norms of future life can interact and be played out," says Carlos Palanca Foundation executive director Angel Battung.

In short story form, the work should present an adventure, a scenario that allows the mind to expand, to reach out and to fully grasp emerging possibilities.

Other categories also open this year, in both the English and Filipino divisions, are: full-length play, short story, poetry, essay, one-act play, short story for children and Kabataan (Childhood) informal essay. The short story category is also open in Iluko, Cebuano and Hiligaynon divisions. Deadline for all entries is April 30, 2000.

Entry forms and contest rules are now available at the Carlos Palanca Foundation, Inc., ground floor, CPJ Building, 105 C. Palanca Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City, 1229. Inquiries can be made through telephone numbers (632) 818-3681 to 85 ext. 31 and 24.

In Writers of the Next Century, Alfred Yuson (PhilStar) presents Filipino writers spanning several generations, and looks forward to a brighter Year 2000 and beyond for Philippine literature in any language, "albeit English will undoubtedly remain dominant, through sheer numbers that are in turn filtered to produce continuing excellence."

December 19, 1999

Ambeth Ocampo writes in the Philippine Daily Inquirer on Alejandro Abadilla - 'Non-poem blazed trail in poetry'

December 14, 1999

Arnold Arre will be in Comic Quest (SM Megamall) on Saturday, December 18, for the official launch of Book 4 of "The Mythology Class." We hope to see you there!

December 9, 1999

The Ateneo Library of Women's Writings (ALIWW) "was founded in 1994 for the collection, preservation, and promotion of writings by and about Filipino women in all fields," according to their web site ( I must warn you, though, that the slow server will be upgraded in late 1999. Still, those who are truly patient will be rewarded with gems such as Angela Manalang Gloria's notebook, the web-elusive Joi Barrios (whom my S.O. remembers for her graphic writing), and other Filipina writers (English and Vernacular). My summer teacher, Beni Santos, was also featured but all I saw was her picture.

Then again, if you absolutely cannot wait for their turtleserver, e-mail the workaholic web designers at and convince them to set up a mirror site on a faster server. They'll probably read your e-mail at 2:00 in the morning since that's when they work best.

December 8, 1999 - Added the Noli Epilogue.

December 1, 1999 - ``NVM, Scooped by Death" reads The Philippine Star. Nestor Vicente Madali or NVM Gonzalez died last November 28, at the age of 84.

N.V.M. Gonzalez was born on September 8, 1915, in Romblon Island. His first story which saw print was Pioneer and it appeared in the Philippine magazine. He went to Stanford, taught at the University of California in Santa Barbara and at the University of Washington. He also taught at UCBerkeley.

Here are some of his works:

The Winds of April (1941)
A Season of Grace (1954)
The Bamboo Dancers (1959)

Short Story Collections:
Seven Hills Away (1947)
Children of the Ash-Covered Loam and Other Stories (1951)
Look, Stranger, on This Island Now (1954)
Selected Stories (1964)
Mindoro and Beyond: Twenty-One Stories (1992)
Bread of Salt and Other Stories (1993)
A Grammar of Dreams (1997)

NVM was also a musician: he played the violin and even made four guitars by hand. He earned his first peso by playing the violin during a Chinese funeral in Romblon.

On April 14, 1987, the University of the Philippines conferred on N.V.M. Gonzalez the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris causa, "For his creative genius in shaping the Philippine short story and novel, and making a new clearing within the English idiom and tradition on which he established an authentic vocabulary, ...For his insightful criticism by which he advanced the literary tradition of the Filipino and enriched the vocation for all writers of the present generation...For his visions and auguries by which he gave the Filipino sense and sensibility a profound and unmistakable script read and reread throughout the international community of letters..."

He responded with: "This is the order of the day: we must tell our own story. The world has become our audience...And the world will listen, if we tell it well -- without falsehood, without sentimentality but, rather, with poise and price, and with the senate of honor that we greatly deserve."

In 1997, NVM Gonzalez won the National Artist Award.

We at PinoyLit offer our prayers and condolences to his loving spouse, Narita, family and relatives.

November 8, 1999 - Need Money for College? Search more than 400,000 scholarships in minutes. FREE! Click here!

October 31, 1999 - The Cuckoo's Nest

October 29, 1999 - Surfed and found The Malate Literary Folio On-Line, which is the Official Literary Publication of the students of De La Salle University (according to the web site). Has links to fiction, poetry, art/photo gallery, and profiles of its writers. Just curious, though: Please send feedback on whether you prefer to read white text on black? Or do you like black text on white when reading web pages?

October 28, 1999 - Added Noli Chapter 36 (The Comment)

October 27, 1999 - Added Noli chapter summary: Chapter 35 (The Luncheon) It's nice to receive feedback on what specific chapter you need help with. This way, both our times are not wasted, right? :-)

October 23, 1999 - Added El Fili chapter summaries: Chapter 3 (Legends) because someone said she's already done with Noli and instead needs help with El Fili.

October 17, 1999 - Added Noli Me Tangere chapter summaries: Chapters 5 (A Star in the Dark Night) and 6 (Capitan Tiago). I'll probably be able to upload all the remaining chapters in about 60 days, unless someone out there decides to help me.

October 13, 1999 - Have you heard about the Philippine Literary Group egroups mailing list? Grab the details here.

Sept. 17, 1999 - Looks like THE Ken Ilio dropped by PinoyLit! You know what that means? Ack! Now I really have to finish those Noli/El Fili pages... Maybe after I'm done with Y2K? ;-)

Sept. 9, 1999 - Some Ateneans need help with Alejandro G. Abadilla so PinoyLit took to the web and found just a few pages (unfortunately):

Sept. 8, 1999 - Happy Birthday, Mama Mary! Some students from PSBA were asking about Nick Joaquin.

Sept. 7, 1999 - Someone has a Filipino project on Jose Corazon de Jesus. Pinoylit searched the web and found a few sites about this Tagalog poet. Unfortunately, there is no biographical info available...yet.

Aug. 26, 1999 - A helpful sister asked about Angela Manalang Gloria, Filipina poet.

Aug. 16, 1999 - Numerous folks have been asking for info on Rolando Tinio. Well, here are some links you can check out:

6/26/1999 - Students keep asking about the works of Eric Gamalinda. Here's a review of Planet Waves.

Another popular author is Ninotchka Rosca. Read the Twice Blessed review.

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