PinoyLit: Jose Aruego

Jose Aruego is a Filipino who used to be a lawyer but ended becoming a successful illustrator of picture books for children. Here are some of his creations, which you can purchase at as a gift for your child or for your relatives.

[Pig cradling a baby crocodile]
Rockabye Crocodile: A Folktale from the Philippines - Variation of a Philippine folk tale where two characters treat a crocodile baby differently and end up getting what they deserve.

[Two carabaos copying each other]
Look What I Can Do - A game of follow-the-leader, with lessons learned in the end.

[Two pairs of giraffes, antelopes and other animals]
We Hide, You Seek

Leo the Late Bloomer - Sometimes children need time to develop. They shouldn't be rushed along. PinoyLit sees this book in a number of preschools in the Philippines.

Little Louie the Baby Bloomer - Leo remembers his slow start as he treats his younger brother in this sequel to the popular Leo the Late Bloomer.

Milton the Early Riser - Can Milton the Panda get everyone to wake up early?

Herman the Helper

Come Out and Play, Little Mouse

Where Are You Going, Little Mouse?

Whose Mouse Are You?

Lizard's Song

One Duck, Another Duck

Where Does the Sun Go at Night? - In a child's world, the sun doesn't merely disappear. It even gets the chance to be tucked into bed.

Mushroom in the Rain - Rain forces animals to take shelter, except that there's only room for one ant beneath a mushroom. But maybe some more space can be found for friends?

Gregory the Terrible Eater - Here's a goat who actually learns to eat nutritious food.

Alligator Arrived With Apples: A Potluck Alphabet Feast - Focuses on Thanksgiving.

Alligators and Others All Year Long! (A Book of Months)

Antarctic Antics: A Book of Penguin Poems

Mitchell (Dinosaur) is Moving - A heartwarming tale of friendship that last over time and over the miles.

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